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Will Writing Service

Bespoke Will Writing Services

Making a Will with us couldn’t be simpler!

All our Will Writing Service requires is a 30 Minute Consultation at our Office where we shall sit down with you to discuss your needs and wishes and how best to reflect them in your Will. On the conclusion of your consultation we shall set about drafting your Will, your first draft of the Will arriving by e-mail within 7 days where you can then review it and send us any changes or ammendments you have. Once the Final Draft of your new Will has been agreed we will make you an appointment to come back to our Offices to sign the engrossed Will. This usually takes no longer than 10 minutes and we are able to provide 2 Witnesses for your signature as required by Law.

Once you have Signed, your new Bespoke Will is Complete! The only decision that remains is whether you want to keep the Original Document or whether You would like to leave it with us in our Fire Proof Safe and take as many copies as you like for no extra cost.

Why make a Will

Making a Will is important for you, your family and loved ones. It is your chance to express your final wishes in a legal document to ensure that your affairs are handled exactly as you wish and direct .

A Will allows you to set out specific arrangements, wishes and instructions, in a legal document that by Law must be followed. This can provide great peace of mind knowing that your finances are going to the people or organisations you want them to, your children have guardians listed should the worst occur and you have listed your wishes for your funeral arrangements and plans to ease your chosen Executor in planning the funeral itself.

All of these things and more combine your Will, see the list to the right for more in-depth descriptions of each section.